Publication of GDTEX Integrity Supply Chain Innovation Platform (Phase XI)

At Dec 25th, the 15th Innovation Express?co-sponsored by GDTEX and Hiraki was held smoothly in Jiaxing, and over 700 representatives of cooperative partners from all over China include suppliers, customers, commercial banks and credit insurance companies attended. At the opening of this conference, Chairman of Dongyang Oversea Chinese, Mr. Shao Fugui and Chairman of Hiraki, Mr. Wu Liangjie gave their speech and introduce how their enterprises hold on to independent innovation and maintain the leading momentum.?

Deputy General Manager of GDTEX, Mr. Yang gave a speech, which well presented the theme of this year's annual meeting: "Gather together, new development."? We gathered together by the strength of integrity and increased cohesion thru the following six principles: stick to the integrity of the supply chain, stick to continuous innovation and development, stick to good quality, stick to cooperation and mutual benefits, stick to loyalty and trustworthiness, and stick to environmental protection and social responsibility. As to New development, we should catch the trend of traditional business transform and the internet development, being concentrated, perfect, reputed and fast.” In 2014, Innovation Express?co-sponsored by GDTEX and Hiraki had been held successfully for four times, and Mr. Yang always said: “there should be no stopping at the road of innovation. If you are not willing to embrace new knowledge, at this network age, you will be defeated in the competition. After the Global Internet Conference in November 2014, Mr. Yang summarized the viewpoints of the bosses of 阿里巴巴, Baidu, Xiaomi, Tecent and Sohu, and put forth his opinion. First, the importance of integrity. GDTEX focused on building integrity supply chain system, and helped the enterprises on this chain survive and gain success. Second, how should we counter with time changes? AS Mr. Yang mentioned at the 13th express, “enterprises should learn to follow time trends”. Mr. Yang told us a solution: let GDTEX be the leader of this chain and base on an open, fair and impartial manner, enterprises give support to each other. Openness, according to Mr. Yang’s saying, included four aspects: First, each factory’s production capacity should be summed up. Second, match GDTEX’s orders and factories’ production capacity transparently. Third, disclose the challenges and opportunities we are facing. Four, communication process should be open to public. Fairness meant fair price, fair lead time, fair payment terms, fair inspection. GDTEX would place order impartially, and merchandise impartially. These three principles, would be the foundation of the system connection, including calculating materials correctly and offering paper design impartially.
Third, be concentrated and we would find more and more opportunities. For Li Hongyan, that would be search engine; for us, that would be garment and textile. It would be impossible to live without garments or textiles so that garments and textiles would never be on a down fall.
Fourth, combine our opportunities with internet. Ma Yun said there were too much money and I didn’t know how to spend it. Li Yhong said there were too many opportunities. It was crucial that we combine opportunities with internet.
Fifth, the internet had brought with two major opportunities. The first one was internet sales mode with the using of smart phones. Custom-made would be the next miracle.?
Sixth, to have a dream and be adapted to the trends. Dare to march forward ahead of others, and the stage would be as big as how you thought of it.
Seventh, as Ma Yun said, the bigger the system was, the more destructive the problems would be. Mr. Yang talked about three opinions. One, each party on the supply chain should be honest, and should not do anything harmful to the chain. Two, GDTEX should keep on upgrading its enterprise culture. Three, all of us should come to promote the culture of loyalty and filial piety.
Eighth, as the leading company of the supply chain, GDTEX should take the responsibility of leadding all parties to sustainable development. All of us should have the responsibility to guarantee data safety and keep our integrity.
At last, Mr. Yang talked about the importance of upgrading the integrity supply chain, under pressure from both environment and clients. Mr. Yang announced that judges of the platform would be all employees on the supply chain, not only GDTEX or HIRAKI leaders. Thru voting, good ideas would be chosen out. Voting would be carried out through Wechat to let more and more people join in the activity and make it more influential. Furthermore, the press conference would be held bimonthly from 2015. We should attract all employees on the front line to join in and they should be well rewarded.
In the awarding section, the innovation stars gained their awards and shared their suggestions. The winner list and their advises would be published thru Wechat, on which more and more information would be published from 2015.


As the express closed, we said goodbye to 2014, looking for to a brighter future in 2015. Let the wind of innovation sail our dream!

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