GDTEX- HIKARI innovation platform of integrity supply chain the 19th innovation conference report

At 2 PM, on November 2, 2015, the 19th innovation conference for GDT-HIKARI innovation platform of integrity supply chain, was synchronically held at GDTEX headquarters, GDTEX Shanghai office, GDTEX Cambodia office and Jiangsu Shuanglongjian.

19th innovation conference venue in Shanghai

19th innovation conference venue in Guangzhou

19th innovation conference venue in Shuanglonjian

It was cold in November, but in every venue, the innovation boom showed no loss. On the same day, general manager of GDTEX, Yang Quanxing, general manager of customer development dept. Qiao Lu and other leaders attended conference. In addition, more than 200 people attended this conference. Guest units who participated in this conference were as follows: Hikari (shanghai) Precise Machinery Science & Technology Co,.LTD., DNA Canada Co.,LTD., Rugao Shuanglongjian Fashion Co., LTD., Jiangsu Weiluyi Industrial Co., LTD., ?Jurong Xin Li Yuan Garment Co., LTD., Shuyang Yushan Apparel Co.,LTD., Wuxi Jinghong Ribbon Co., LTD., Zibo Aodisen Hometex Co., LTD., Shanghai Yingtong Plastic Products Co., LTD., Changzhou Xinmu Garment Co., LTD., Wujiang Ask Textile Co., LTD., Horizen Color Printing Factory, Modern Testing Services (Global) LTD., Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Division (Shanghai), Wuxi Dahua Garments Co., LTD., Yancheng Lifemax Textile. Co. LTD. , Hengliyuan Garment (Cambodia) Co., LTD., China Yujing Textile Co., LTD., Shude Garment (Cambodia) Co., LTD., Shanghai Intertek Quality Technology Service Co., LTD, SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., LTD., Shanghai Weixing Garment Accessories Co., LTD., Wuxi YKK Technology Co., LTD., Shanghai Gold Buttons Trade Co., LTD., Gipin Zipper (Shanghai) Co., LTD., etc., ??

The hostesses firstly invited the leaders of every venue as well as the representatives of suppliers for speeches,?in Shanghai venue, general manager of GDTEX, Yang Quanxing expressed the welcome and sincere gratitude to guests in every venue and?shared the content of the five major areas to all.

The general manager of GDTEX, Yang Quanxing made a speech in this conference

First of all, general manager Mr. Yang Shared GDTEX is constantly promoting the progress of the project - C2M tailor-made mode, general manager Mr. Yang expressed thanks to all customer who participated in the tailor-made mode and team of GDTEX, will subsequently go to visit suppliers under GDTEX & check progress of tailor-made equipment. Later he talked about the progress of this project to customer, as to the tailor-made project from customer experience to all system of the intelligent manufacturing connection including hardware which has been already all finished, furthermore, digital printing, magic mirror technology, etc. will be gradually put in place.
Then, General manager Mr. Yang shared feelings in Communist Party’s school for two months of learning, general manager Mr. Yang was very excited to the great, glorious and correct leadership policy and route of the Communist Party of China. He put forward the party's greatness lies in several aspects, since the Communist Party of China was founded in 1921, it has over 90 years of history, emerged from more than 3000 parties, become the mainstream political party, it is closely connected with Mao Zedong’s leadership. From the 1st to the 18th congress, the party constitution has been revised for 18 times, this is a process of constantly improving. For an enterprise, also it’s the process of continuous amendment and continuous innovation. General manager Mr. Yang told he had visited many red regions of the communist party & anti-corruption education bases and inspected many major cities in Guangdong, such as Foshan, Shunde and other places, these places have set up personal credit, enterprise credit and government credit platform, through the use of network platform personal reputation is linked to all after treatment, for example, school, medical, etc., eventually reach to regulate the behavior of every person. Meanwhile, General manager Mr. Yang talked about GDTEX integrity platform had been established before the government was driven to do this, therefore he felt very proud. The country and the party leadership make us gasp in admiration, general manager Mr. Yang called on everyone to actively join in the Communist Party of China at the last topic.
Recently, launched by GDTEX, the activities of hometown library donated for members, corporate, poor staff in integrity supply chain has just ended. In the conference General manager Mr. Yang recognized enterprises in the supply chain did well in the aspect of social responsibility. He said customers pay more and more attention to social responsibility, contents include diversity, such as human rights, environmental protection, love donations, etc. The fifth plenary session of 18 congresses just concluded, as to the donation act of correction people pay more attention to honesty of donations. General manager Mr. Yang deeply said: "to teach fishing is better than teach them to fish." Only to teach the poor mountainous children the power of knowledge, will they have the chance to change their fate. General manager Mr. Yang at the scene urged all to donate extra books in the home for these children.
General manager Mr. Yang subsequently emphasized to share with all the upcoming implementation of supplier credit evaluation system, the system will plan online at the end of December. "The good faith of supplier’s integrity assessment online" is divided into three stages: The first stage, the self-evaluation, is to not let the unfaith enterprise to pass self-assessment in order to strengthen integrity consciousness; The second stage, non-opening evaluation, also is to let the upstream and downstream of an enterprise to evaluate it, especially the downstream; The third stage, is the public evaluation results, the three stages are going step by step, suppliers also can't? be so stressful, thus give all more time to make it better.
Finally, General manager Mr. Yang shared with all the "2016 innovation platform plan of GDTEX", General manager Mr. Yang proposed, the implementation of this plan is not only GDTEX needs to implement, but also partners in the supply chain will advance within the enterprise according to the implementation plan. First of all, all enterprise of supply chain bring up annual innovation projects (can be combined with all departments to carry out the business last year, the developing direction of the company and the cooperation with suppliers, etc.); General manager Mr. Yang specially emphasized that Shuanglongjian in this aspect did very well, because they set up the innovation team quickly, thus carried on innovation. General manager Mr. Yang called on entrepreneurs, executives in the supply chain to participate all the way, all know inside innovation and love it with the concept of innovation thinking and action. To constantly improve the top-level design of innovation, to carry innovation work by innovation team, to know each department focus on innovative field, the three points are the direction of innovation in 2016.
Then the convention entered the award ceremony of 19th innovation star. The hostesses announced the winner list of 19th innovation star. The winners of innovation star one by one shared innovation advices to all.

Fu Xiaoying, the 19th technology innovation star

After sharing Chen Juanjuan’s suggesting of the technology innovation from Zibo Audison, general manager Mr. Yang invited GM Jing from Zibo Audison to speak. GM Jing expressed heartfelt thanks to General manager Mr. Yang & General manager Ms. Qiao. Although before attending the innovation conference was less, but this time innovation continuously improved the production so that GM Jing was aware of the importance of the innovation, he would innovate in all aspects later.

Chen Juanjuan & Chen Lifang, the 19th innovation star of technology

After the innovation team of Shuanglongjian shared the suggestions on the management innovation, the hostesses invited GM Qian in Shanghai venue to speak. GM Qian said Shuanglongjian specially paid attention to innovation under GM Shao’s leadership, His feeling had three points: firstly , will follow closely GDTEX & HIKARI innovation platform of integrity supply chain, it is a sunshine avenue; Secondly, innovation platform will bring immediate benefits and advantages, when everybody devoted themselves to their innovation activities, they will firstly find, and then used, finally gets a lot of innovative ideas; in conclusion, many hands make light work, will bring together all the innovation ideas, like the sea, is bound to be inexhaustible.

Shuanglongjian innovation group, the 19th innovation star of management

After Zhao Lanyu from HIKARI shared her award of management innovation suggestion, general manager Mr. Wu further explained the suggestion, he said: people are the core value in the universe. A company should not ignore two elements: praise and criticism. These two elements will bring different changes. If too much criticism, people will be afraid of making mistakes, shirking responsibility, and doing nothing. But criticism is compulsory, but before criticism, the common humanity of people all expected receiving affirmation and appreciation. Praise will promote the development. In a team, there will be positive, follow, and slow person. In the way of praise, the company's strategy, value, management and development could have positive performance and the colleagues could appear achievements. In honor of good colleagues case will help company increase the work efficiency, and develop the value of the concept. Caring people is the only way to stimulate the vitality and creativity of the team. The hostessesess added comments: the art of the management appointed by the general manager Mr. Wu had referred to the management containing the four main sections appointed by the general manager Mr. Yang, unifying goal, caring division of labor, mutual complement, conclusion and celebration. Then Yang said, Guangdong Textile plan to promotion s activity, administrative department will interview all the outstanding staffs and trainers. Because now 80, 90 generation of employees gradually become the company's main force, they need to participate, agree, interact, and bloom. The way of Interview is very novel, the use of micro interview, that is, Wechat interview; this is not limited to working places which save time and effort, just send the subject to the interviewees directly. Micro interview need a moderator, the interview process need to input text, and finally the entire interview process could be recorded and upload to the Microblog, Wechat and other platforms. Please all expect this activity, and Mr. Yang strongly suggested other companies in the supply chain to do so.

HIKARI, 19th innovation star of management

After Chen Xiaoli shared her improvement of the EXCEL quotation, deputy general manager Mr. Wen commented: Chen Xiaoli’s innovation related what we do every day, summarized the results from the most basic and tedious things. A good business person is usually holding the question and solution attitudes to the innovation, and she will be excellent and get development.

Chen Xiaoli, the 19th innovation star of management

BV representative Ms. Sky shared their award of service innovation suggestion, at the same time she also shared another small story, on the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, BV invited employees to participate a handmade moon cake activity, when she received colleagues’ warm moon cakes, her heart was deeply touched.? Ms. Sky said: “BV is a service company that wants employees treating customers the same way BV treating employees”. Through this activity, the company hopes to bring the sense of ownership, service mentality to employees, so as to bring customers, and finally to help BV providing customer a better experience in the field of testing aspect, general manager Mr. Yang made a comment: the changing of BV is very obvious these years, making the progress on service and touching customers. Guangdong Textile’s filial piety culture had announced lots of years; just last week held a series of parent-child sports activity. General manager Mr. Yang appealed, the entire supply chain partners should learn from VIV&LUL general manager Mr. Yao, because their corporate culture is deeply touching. Only VIV&LUL employees work as a volunteer, with a happy mood with enzymes to wash dishes. The cooperation between the large enterprises in the supply chain and Guangdong Textile is based on deep culture cooperation. Carry forward the enterprise culture is everyone's responsibility.

Bureau Veritas Textiles Department, the 19th innovation star of service

After Ms. Zhang Yu shared the EHS risk assessment suggestion, general manager Mr. Yang reiterated the importance of risk assessment.

Zhang Yu , The 19th innovation star of social responsibility & Wechat best popularity award

After general manager Mr. Qian shared Shuanglongjian’s social responsibility innovation suggestions, general manager Mr. Yang recalled, once his Peking University classmates leaded almost five thousand people across the Gobi desert to pick up more than 50 tons of garbage, the recall had influenced us with kindness and love heart to contribute our little strength to the earth, such as a single spark can light a fire.

Shuanglongjian Social Responsibility Group, The 19th innovation star of social responsibility

At the end of the awards ceremony, general manager Mr. Yang appealed people to participate in the Guangdong Textile & HIKARI integrity supply chain innovation platform to collect suggestions, continuous innovation in the seven areas, but also welcome more innovative research areas. General Manager Mr. Yang impromptu presented two innovations influencing all the attendants, they believed that under the leadership of general manager Mr. Yang, the integrity supply chain innovation platform will develop better and better in the future! In the end, the conference ended in applause. The hostesses thanked all the participants, leaders, colleagues, thanked for the participation and support.

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