Mr. Ling Fangcai, Chairman of the Board, was invited to the investigation interview by the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce

In facing the down-trend foreign trade and economy overall environment and with a view to building up further understanding of the faced difficulties, problems and the countermeasures of the foreign trade enterprises and giving references to the government for foreign trade development policy. The Foreign Department of the Ministry of Commerce conducted interview and research with some of the enterprises in the third phase of the Fair on one-by-one basis. Mr. Ling Fangcai went to the interview for research on May 2nd at the invitation of the deputy director –general of the Foreign Department, Mr. Wang Dongtang. The relevant personnel from the G.M. office were also in the interview. Chairman of the Board Mr. Ling Fangcai and his entourage met with Mr. Wang’s warm reception.


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