Delegation from GDTEX and SILIQUE attending economic and trading activities in Ethiopia and South Africa

In order to implement the national strategy of “the Belt and Road initiative” and circular of the department of commerce of Guangdong Province regarding speeding up the establishment of the opening up setup, assisting enterprises to go out and to find or open up the international market, our SILIQUE and GDTEX accompanied the department of Commerce of Guangdong Province and the other economy and trading delegation to Ethiopia and South Africa to make on-the-spot investigation regarding the investment environment. From Dec 12 to Dec 20 in 2015 after making study at earlier stage. Personnel from textile industry energy resources industry, machinery building industry, engineering & capital construction industry, food industry, tourist trade and others. Mr. Zhu Mingyi deputy G.M. of the SILIQUE, Ms. Qiu Yanyan, a Deputy Chief Accountant & Head of the Strategic Investment Department, and Mr. Yang Quanxing also attend the activities and others as representatives from the textiles industry.

Our first visiting was in Ethiopia. As one of the most under development country in the world, Ethiopia economy mainly relies on agriculture and animal husbandry as its industry foundation was weak and its industry sectors and articles are incomplete.

Since 2005, the Ethiopia government carries out its “agriculture pioneered industry development strategy”, increases its investment in agriculture, does its utmost to promote new industrial sectors including export and exchange earning industry, tourist trade and aviation industry and absorbs a large amount of foreign funds for opening up markets and developing economy.
After the delegation arrived in Ethiopia, we held a forum with the industrial department to build up our understanding of the local industrial development, and conducted intercourse regarding investment environment & policy. And then, the delegation paid the on-the-spot visit to the Oriental Industry Zone in Addis Ababa, capital city of Ethiopia and International Shoe Town Ethiopia Company of Huajian Group within the zone, including the shoes production facility and production lines.

In order to enable the economy and trade delegation members to have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the Ethiopia policy towards foreign investors and their demands or requirements of their industry, the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province, the Foreign Ministry and the Investment Committee of Ethiopia jointly held conference on negotiation meeting for Ethiopia investment environment introduction. At the end, we signed a Cooperation Understanding Memorandum with the Chamber of Commerce of Ethiopia and Ethiopian Trade Associations. At the meeting, Mr. Andakas Simon (Deputy Secretary-General of Industry Associations of Ethiopia), Mr. Hilart Zemanne(head of Business Policy Division of Ethiopia), M.r Li Hao, Secretary of the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia and head of the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province all made key-note addresses, they all hope all sides could consult together and could produce commercial or business cooperation opportunities in relation to textiles industry, agriculture, mining, energy resources, environment protection, tourism, electronics industry and services, and could make joint efforts to push forward mutually beneficial cooperation in the two countries.

In addition, the team paid a research visit to Dire Dawa and Mek’ele, the two important trade industrial centers, talked with the officers of the local government departments in order and visited the relevant industrial zone and textiles factories for further understanding Ethiopia’s investment and environment.

Our second visiting stop was in South Africa. South Africa is the second largest economic entity in Africa. South Africa and China are more closely related recently. Their Mutual economic business or trade intercourse has been more frequent. China has become the South Africa’s largest trade partner and South Africa China’s largest trade partner in Africa. On Dec 18th, 2015, the Commercial Department of Guangdong Province held a Guangdong-Africa investment Introduction conference and negotiation meeting of enterprises in Johannesburg in order to promote economic and trade cooperation with South Africa, to assist the enterprises in understanding or knowing the development opportunities in South Africa and to further open up or exploit the market in South Africa. The delegation of the Department of Commerce succeeded in signing an investment cooperation Memorandum with South Africa ANC PBF (African National Congress Progressive Business Forum). During the investigation visit, the personnel from our company called on our long-standing customer JRB Trading and got to know the operational and the administrative conditions of the local textiles enterprises. It has laid foundation for opening up the market in South Africa.

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