GDTEX Team, led by Mr. Ling Fangcai, chairman of the Board, visited PRIMARK & NKD

It was still very cold in Europe in mid-May. But apparel industry peak season has come. At the invitation of our customers Primark and NKD. Mr. Ling Fangcai, chairman of the Board, led our team to go abroad to Europe to attend the important meeting by our customers.

At this supplier meeting, Primark made a detailed introduction of its expansion achievement, impressive performance,   market share and store’s sales growth in Europe of last year. Primark shared with us its joy in entering the US market next year and also its worry for the threats to price brought by currency depreciation. During the meeting, the customer expressed its highly appreciation to GDTEX Primark team for the excellent performance in development, order execution and quality control as well as contribution to Primark’s outstanding market sales performance. Furthermore, Primark highly evaluated GDTEX’s performance experience in proactively exploring production base at home and abroad. Due to the efforts in the past four years, GDTEX has become one of the Primark’s core suppliers in jeans and kid’s wear. It was the first time that GDTEX was invited to attend the keyline meeting for jeans and infant romper. Moreover, the departments for men’s garment, pajamas and underwear also showed their interests in cooperation with GDTEX due to our outstanding performance. Our Primark team is actively moving ahead now and the relevant work is in progress in good order. In the meeting, the delegation members talked cordially with the high-ranking officers of our customers. It contributed to our mutual understanding and further business development.

NKD is a German clothing retailer. It has about 1,800 stores in German, Austria, and Italy. Our business volume has increased since we had business with this customer three years ago.

Both NKD and GDTEX are in rapid development. After a talk with Mrs. Sabine Schuler and Mr. Thomas Engels, GDTEX team visited warehouses, logistics center, the quality control center, and the stores of varied scale. They told us their procedures. During the visit, our team undertook social and trade intercourse, and had talked with their personnel in charge of the different departments.

At the same time, we conferred with the buyer of ladies classic, ladies Fashion, ladies big size, Men’s, kid’s, lingerie department about the bulk orders and business of new season.

This in-depth conference talk drew us closer and nearer. The meeting was a big success and a bumper harvest resulted.

Owing to the visit, our intercourse with the customer and interaction have been greatly enhanced. We have come back with fruitful results. The prosperity and flourishing of our enterprises are our great expectations.

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