Chairman Mr. Ling Fangcai was invited to the forum of promoting the steady growth of foreign trade by the general administration of China Customs

The forum of promoting the steady growth of foreign trade by the general administration of China Customs was hold on March 31st 2015. Director Yu Guangzhou, deputy director Hu Wei and deputy director Lv Bin, to better understand the current situation of the development of foreign trade and collect the opinion of enterprises. The forum was hosted by Deputy Governor Zhao Yufang, and attended by the directors of various departments of the general administration of China Customs, Guangdong Customs, Guangzhou Customs, Huangpu Customs and Shenzhen Customs, as well as Guangdong Department of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission, Department of Finance, National Tax Bureau, National Inspection Bureau etc., and representatives from a couple of import and export enterprises.
At the beginning, Deputy Governor Zhao Yufang report the situation of foreign trade in Guangdong on behalf of Guangdong Government, and appreciated the attention and support which the general administration of China Customs and customs at all levels had paid to the development of Guangdong foreign trade. Zhao Yufang pointed out that the general status of Guangdong foreign trade is in healthy development. However it is under great pressure to maintain the steady growth and long-term structural adjustment, so we need the sustain support from the general administration of China Customs and district customs in Guangdong to promote the steady growth and developments in new formats of Guangdong foreign trade, accelerate the construction and reform of experimental free trade zone, which would boost the upgrade of open economy in Guangdong Province.

As the representative of the only state-own foreign trade enterprises that had been invited, Chairman Mr. Ling Fangcai of GDTEX made a report to the director of the general administration of China Customs. In his speech, Chairman Mr. Ling Fangcai had highly appreciated the of China Customs’ transformation of functions and enhancement of service in recent years, which helped our company to improve the management and promote the development of operation. He also raised the problem and suggestions for customs clearance which need urged solution. Director Yu listened critically and take detailed notes, then exchanged opinions with Chairman Ling on hot issues such as the status of foreign trade, market demand, cost inflation, and appreciated GDTEX’s confidence in exploring market in such a complicated and difficult situation.
In the end, Director Yu concluded the China Customs would enhance the analysis of situation, take measures to provide foreign trade enterprises with safe, open and transparent customs declaration circumstance, further improve the efficiency of customs clearance with lower costs. He also emphasize the China customs would strongly support the new format trade such as cross-border e-commerce, the construction of experimental free trade zone, and improve the innovation of Customs’ regulation instrument. Finally, Director Yu encouraged foreign trade enterprises to carry forward the valiant and exploration spirit of the Cantonese, dare to be the pioneer in experiment, take chance and accumulate experience in the process of development and standardization.

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