"Join Us to Win the Future" -- 2015 GDTEX''s Annual Supplier Conference Held in TongXiang, ZheJiang Province

2015 GDTEX's Annual Supplier Conference has been hold as planed on Dec. 25th in JiaXing, ZheJiang Province. The Conference has gathered approx. 430 people of the supplies not only from JiangSu, ZheJiang, AnHui, ShanDong, FuJian and GuangDong, but also Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam, etc., not only from clothing manufacturing, accessories manufacturing, but also testing services, logistics, Human resources, insurances and banking etc.

The Conference started with the salutatory from Max Ling, Chairman of GDTEX. After welcoming all distinguished guests, Max expressed his sincere appreciations to all supplier partners, 3th-party services and Esteemed customers for supporting GDTEX in all these years. All these supporting has made GDTEX a higher Brand image and more influential.
Over the past year, the international and domestic environments faced by China in its development have been complicated and challenging. The road to global economic recovery has been rough, with many ups and downs, and the performance of the major economies has been divergent Downward pressure on China's economy has continued to mount. Max expected all parties on our supply-chain can hold and be hold firmly with each other with trust and same pace, for reaching higher competitive and response capability.
In the speech, Max concluded: Firstly: maintaining credibility and integrity, which brings efficiency, which brings long term profits and benefits. Secondly, focusing on main area, the further and deeper you focus, and more opportunities you can get which makes you invincible. Thirdly, being creative, being creative to lower the cost, to enhance the efficiency, to achieve sustainable development, to keep us with the pace of the time.
Being the core enterprise in the supply-chain in Textile industry, GDTEX becomes a community of shared interests with all others in the chain. GDTEX will lead the industry to healthy development, to make greater contributions.

After a great speech from Max, Andy Yang, General Manager of GDTEX, made a speech titled "Join Us to Win the Future", started with a saying mixing with famous Red-Crown business XueYan Hu and Andy's understanding, business is becoming more difficult, but more difficult it becomes, more opportunities we expect to get. Opportunities are just as far as we can see. As your vision reaches a county, you only deal with a county, but when you see further, maybe a province, a country, even all over the world. As your vision reaches present, you only deal presently, but see further, you'll see business in the coming 5 or even 10 years.
Andy further concluded vision masters the direction of development, which controlled by three largest economies -- the United Stated, People's Republic of China and European Union. We need researches and analysis to lead a correct direction of development.

Afterwards, The Award ceremony has been hold to award over 30 manufacturers with Best Cooperative Award, Development potential award, Best Development Award, Best examine and verify Award, Best Managing Award, Special Award and Best Supplier. Also over 26 people with Best manufacture Managing Award, Best QC Award, Best Documentary Award and Best examine and verify Award. Awarded suppliers-represented and guests gave a brief talk regarding current situation, opportunities and challenges of the clothing industry, also an expectation of cooperating with GDTEX in the foreseeable future.

As the conference approached the GDTEX 20th Creation express Procedure, the founder Andy Yang and Mr Wu LiangJie, Chairman of ShangHai Hikari both present a speech titled "Creation", also there has been a award to the Star of creation and Creation specialist of the year. After the whole conference, a group photo was taken with Max, Andy and all participants.

The very same evening, a Party was hold by GDTEX and suppliers, who gave a brilliant show with happiness and Harmony with just showing the spirit of “Work happily, live harmoniously”. Every single show was practice on only one month by GDTEX and suppliers’ own colleague with their spared time.

Achievements bring us a new hope. New hope motives us to chase more achievements. In the foreseeable future, GDTEX and all partners will use new vision to gaze present, use creative idea and new concept to develop the future. 2016, "Join Us to Win the Future".

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