Love passes on with books

Thanks to the long-term support of all suppliers, especially factory workers who always complete their tasks strictly following our requests in both quality and quantity, GDTEX achieves sustainable development in business, winning the appreciations of our customers again and again. GDTEX is a grateful company and we learned a lot of factory workers leave their children at their hometown with limited education. Therefore, in order to strengthen the cohesion of GDTEX integrity supply chain, as well as boosting the sense of social responsibility, with the agreement of GDTEX group leaders, we initiated a book donation activity voluntarily. We collected donations of second-hand books and book funds among supply chain companies, so as to set up mini libraries at hometowns of our supply chain company workers. So far, we have collected more than 700 books and a book fund of over 130,000RMB.

After review by the committee, on Sep. 18th, 2015, together with our partner factory Shandong Zaozhuang Century, we donated 634 sets of books (about 1000 books), worth about 20,000RMB, to Zaozhuang City No. 26 Middle School and Qi Shan Tou village of Shui Guo Town. By enriching the book collections of the school and village libraries, we helped our staffs expressed their great gratitude to the local communities.
It is said that “the rose in her hand, the flavor in mine”. The books will moisten hearts, water thirsty souls and help achieve dreams. Volunteers felt more uplifted and enriched mentally through the donation activity. As a company with strong sense of social responsibility insisting to contribute back to the society, GDTEX promise to continue such donation activities and warm the hearts of those in need.

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