On the long donation road, we are in action--Book donation activity in Huaiji Renan Primary School

Following the steps to Zaozhuang in September and Yunnan in October, with the leading of GM Lu Qiao and VGM Yijun Chen, volunteers of Customer Development Dept. (CDD) rushed to visit Huaiji Renan Primary School and donated books and daily necessities on November 14th. From all the long way, we brought them more than 600 books donated by colleagues of CDD Guangzhou and Shanghai. Gentle loves can make a stream. We hope to bring children in the mountains more reading opportunities, expand their visions, and enrich their after-class lives. Learning that the school is in lack of sports equipment, we brought them children’s favorites such as basketball, badminton rackets, table tennis rackets, and shuttlecocks etc.

Love is the most beautiful scenery in the world. By helping these children and fostering changes, it successfully enhances the social responsibility of us who are capable to help. Meanwhile, by playing a modeling and leading role, we wish more and more people may join us in this activity. Many littles make a mickle, and the trick is persistence. On the long donation road, we are in action!

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