Passing moving moments series report – 2015 the 3rd fun games of GDTEX Key Accounts Division

In eager anticipations of all staffs, GDTEX Key Accounts Division welcomed the 3rd Fun Games. With “Passing Moving Moments” as the theme, the sports games were held in both Shanghai and Guangzhou. Family members of our staffs were also invited. We joined the games to challenge ourselves, demonstrating positive and harmonious spirits of GDTEX people.

During the fun games, we harvested the wonderful feelings of happy life with colleagues after busy work, and had fun together with our team members. With the participations of our family members, we witnessed and appreciated the support of them with no regret always behind each hard working colleagues. And babies are true GDTEX Babies, whose parents set up family, started career, got married and had children here. Watching GDTEX babies running freely like birds on the green field, we seemed to see the infinite possibility of GDTEX.

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