Zhang Yiqun the vice-minister of the Underwriting Department of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation paid a visit to our company

In the afternoon of 17th Nov 2015, the vice-minister Zhuang Yiqun from underwriting department the Beijing Headquarter of CHINA EXPORT & CREDIT INSURANCE CORPORATION, underwriter Zhang hui, vice director Guan Songtao from the Guangzhou branch and assistant Chen Mingyi pay a visit to our company and have a informal discussion with our Chairman of the Board Mr. Ling Fangcai, CEO Mr. Yang Quanxing and other colleague of our company.

First of all, Chairman Mr. Ling on behalf of the company thanks for the insurance corporation for their supports. Then, he introduced the basic situation of GDTEX, consolidated results, strategic positioning, and development of our large business customers, also highlighted the development of trade service platform “E trading” to our visit group. Meanwhile, our guest from the insurance corporation ask a number of questions during the discussion, to learn more about the issue of foreign trade service platform in the operation encountered and policies required to support the recommendation. In the end, the credit limit of the key customers and the total credit of next year were discussed by both side.
The vice-minister Zhuang Yiqun from underwriting department the Beijing Headquarter said that GDTEX has always been a high-grade customer and a good partner, CHINA EXPORT & CREDIT will continue to offer preferential, flexible service and continue to actively support the development of our business.

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