Seniors from Target U. S. Visited Our Factory

On Nov 3, 2015, Mr. Yang Quanxing, General Manager of GDTEX lead the core merchandisers of Key Account Department to well receive Target Senior Leadership team, and made factory tours to Changzhou Qiutianbao and Jiangsu Shenli, two of our strategic partners.

To get well prepared in advance, Ms. Huang Zhiqin organized the core merchandisers to rehearsal every details in the whole trip according to the requirement of Mr. Yang, which covers the main routines, intelligent production lines, and even the sanitation of the restroom, the stop period in each spot, every factors are carefully and fully considered.

The leadership team is from top management of Target, and is the key decision maker in Target apparel business plan and strategy incl. kid’s areas.

Firstly, we visited the production line of QIutianbao. During the visit, Ms. Lai Yuyan made detailed presentation to the team. With the help of bluetooth earphone which is prepared by administration team, the team clearly heard and had well knowledge of the factory information even in the noise environment.

In Qiutianbao, the customers had showed their strong interest in the intelligent hanging production line and came up with lots of questions. We patiently did every feedback to customers one by one so that to let them well understand how the intelligent production work to improve the efficiency, reduce labor cost and keep the bulk quality in a consistent level as well as optimize the workers and equipments on the production line through centralized system control. It is the foundation for mass customization production in near future. Customers were deeply impressive by this set up and expressed their opinions to widely apply for this system. We informed customers that Qiutianbao is one of the pilot factories to positively set up this system. Now the system is under testing stage and it could be expected a good prospects.
A brand new and advanced digital printer is under assembling on the spot during the visit, which will bring into operation one week later after implementation. Compared with traditional heat transfer printer, the digital printer is more adapted to small quantity mass customization order, with the character of better print quality and more vivid artwork but lower cost.

After our finish the factory tour in Qiutianbao, we went to Jiangsu Shenli, which is a knit fabric mill. Shenli is a so strong mill in fleece technics and functions innovation, eg, the technics of combination the nature of fire retardant, static-free, ultra light, super warm and handfeel, and with good reputation of devoting to the sustainability at the same time with their company development. Shenli always fully support the government policy, and all along is the mill who can pass the government monitoring and inspection although the standard become more and more strict. That’s no doubt that they win the high recognition by customers and are nominated to their exclusive fleece suppliers by most retailers in global market due to their continuous efforts in long term.

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