Report on the TARGET BPCM Award Ceremony

On the afternoon of April, 25th, 2016, GDT team attended the award ceremony of BPCM at Target Sourcing Service Shanghai office.

GDT team, heading by Sophy Huang, GDT Vice General Manager, Merchandising; and other team members are

Caroline Shao, Assistant to General Manager

Lesley Lai, Assistant to General Manager

Juicy Xu, Senior Fabric Technician Supervisor.

On the other side, Patrice, Director, PD&D, Target Sourcing Service and her team members in Shanghai (Global Color Office), on behalf of Target to attended this ceremony as well.

At the meeting, Patrice awarded Business Partner Fabric Manger Certifications to four business partners, including GDT.

BPCM certification means that Juicy Xu from Guangdong Textiles has successfully completed 6 month intensive Digital color approval training.

From now on, Guangdong Textile/ Juicy Xu was authorized the self-approval all digital submits (both Labdips and 1stDyelots) on utilizing the calibrated spectrophotometer at GDT color office effective from 2015 Feb 1st.  Guangdong Textiles is no longer required to submit physical labdips or 1stdyelots to Target color offices.

Besides, Target said they are confident in GDT’s ability to consistently match Target color expectation and will have 100% accuracy as well as internally maintaining all relevant documents and physical swatches.

During the meeting, Patrice delivered Target wishes and expectations to business partners. Target expect BP’s consistent support in terms of continuously coaching factories align with Target standards, proactively communication and problem solving with mutual team collaborations. In the future, Target GCO will enjoy greater approval right to FSRR, artwork etc. Team colorations between Target and business partner will deliver a win- win improvement and grow-up as well.

Guangdong Textiles, as a 20 year plus business partner with Target, and as the 1st certified apparel vendor of BPCM, has greater confident and working action plans to coach our factories to keep everyone on the same page to speed to the market, eventually delivering the best value to Target guests.

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