Seniors from GAP TECH Visited GDTEX

Since last October, Guangdong Textiles open the cooperation with GAP Inc to develop order tracking system, which penetrate into a new area of IT service business offered by GDT. Meanwhile, it has been a milestone for IT network center and Guangdong Textiles.

So far, system developing has made progress, successfully developed six subsystems function for GAP Inc, checklist is FAQs, ChangLog, WIP, SBC, Admin Page, and, OTRF, which highly recognized and praised by GAP.

Therefore, a Gap TECH top management delegation visited Guangdong Textiles, Guangzhou Headquarter.

Delegation members are

Rob Feuerman, Vice President

Naresh Nayak, Senior Director

Libby Brown, Senior Director

Raymond Lau, Senior Director, HK

Chiyung , Director, HK

The purpose of this visit is to discuss the cooperation in IT tailored service business.

At the meeting, first of all, Mr Andy Yang (此处应加上杨总抬头)update a company overview to the visitors. The delegation showed great interesting to GDT’s supply chain management.

After that, Mr.Yang showed the delegation around GDT office, sample rooms for denim, sweater, and fitting room as well. During the walk-around, visitors get further know about CAD system and sample making from our fitting room.

After show-around, GDT IT network center gave a speech of topics below aligned with the tailored program for GAP, which covers Team structure for tailored program, Program developing process, Document management process and testing process. Based on these parts, GAP delegation asked questions to each single position set-up and each individual process, and GAP’s expectations to quality control standards, in order to further polish process setup for further run through deep conversation.

After conversation, delegation members visited the tailored program developing team members and give suggestion to current program down to detail execution as well, especially inquiring about the GAP development database server environment. After full communication and understanding, visitors are very pleased with our development team and the server environment as well. During the meeting, Mr. Max Ling, chairman spare time meeting with GAP delegation and deliver the great support to the tailored program.

Last but not the least, both GAP and GDT has another conversation for future plan of this tailored program. GDT anticipate GAP’s support on each detailed plan for program, mapping standards, and continuous training GDT developing team, and eventually to reach win-win cooperation.

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