Celebrating the signature of Strategic Cooperation Agreement between YKK & GDTEX

On March 31st, 2016, a grand signature ceremony of Strategic Cooperation between GDTEX and YKK was held in conference hall at 18th floor of GDTEX headquarter. Makoto Nishizaki, General Manager of YKK(Shenzhen), Andy Yang, General Manager of GDTEX, as well as the leaders of functional departments and management of branch companies attended and witnessed this ceremony. GDTEX Shanghai Branch and Cambodia office were also connected in real-time via video conference system.

GM Makoto Nishizaki and GM Andy Yang presented each of side to passionately address in this ceremony, and delivered high expectation of both sides for the strategic cooperation in the future. GM Nishizaki expressed his appreciation for Andy and all the attendance from GDTEX among their busy schedule. He believed that both company share the coincident enterprise strategy and policy. The strategic partnership will benefit for development of both sides so that to create superior enterprise value and contribute to the economics growth of China finally, through mutual efforts.

GM Andy Yang made a speech titled after GM Makoto Nishizaki's. Andy indicated that quality is alpha and omega, and is the footstone of survival and sustainable development to an enterprise. Therefore, we regarded 2016 as the year of quality, which we will focus our work on quality. The strategic cooperation with YKK just kicked off it. After long term partnership between GDTEX and YKK, we do agree with each other on the ideas of pursuing preferable quality, adhering to environment protection and social responsibility. GDTEX established credible supply chain innovation platform. In 2013, under the leadership of Andy, GDTEX continuously encourage all enterprises on the matrix to be creative, dare to explore and practice on technology, management, service, quality, executive ability, environment, and social responsibility through this platform. Andy emphasis that we have to set quality as a representative flag of GDTEX, put quality through every details, which makes the products from acceptable to stable, leads to innovative quality. Andy also stated that GDTEX would share all contents of credible supply chain innovation platform to YKK, which encourage YKK to participate in it, for both parties to reach open cooperation in the 7 areas of innovation.

Makoto and Andy represents YKK and GDTEX to sign the, which declare the comprehensive, intensive and constant cooperation between two companies in pricing, advertising, supply chain resources communion and others.

On the basis of "resource sharing, win-win cooperating, jointly developing", Win-Win and sustainable and strategic partners relationship will be built up through further closely coordination cooperation, which will support both parties to enhance operation efficiency, cut down operation cost, so that to realize the market expansion strategy and enlarge the market share in the future, and will finally create more commercial value.

The ceremony was finished successfully after the agreement signature and souvenirs exchange. Both parties will establish strategic cooperation relationship in all areas with continuous exploring in cross products and multi areas. Let’s look forward to the new steps and striding development through the megamerger by both sides’ efforts.

After the ceremony, all distinguish guests made a visit to GIORGIO GIULINI flagship store, GDTEX kids’ apparel design studio, jeans and sweater showroom accompany by GDTEX chief leaders. It gave the guests one more chance to have further understanding to GDTEX as well as its own brand operation.

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