Chairman Ke HuiQi headed Delegation for United States (New York), Mexico Economic and Trade Forum

China(Guangdong)-U.S.(New York) Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum was successfully sponsored on May 13th, 2016 by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province in the interest of enhancing provincial communications, deepening cooperation in economic, trade and investment, implement of consensus reached by both sides of China and the U.S. The member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Communist Party secretary of Guangdong province, Mr. Hu Chunhua attended the forum and delivered speech with subject of “Deepen Win-Win Cooperation, Create Glorious Future”.

Ambassador to the US, Mr. Cui Tiankai, deputy assistant-secretary of Commerce for China at the US Department of Commerce, Mr. Patrick Santillo, the Vice president of New York State, the consultant governor of Guangdong Province, vice president of U.S. chamber of commerce and Consul-General of Consulate General of China in New York also attended the forum which attracted more than 85 Chinese enterprises and 200 foreign enterprises. As representative from apparel industry, Chairman of Silique Group, Mr. Ke Huiqi headed a Delegation attending for this forum, the group has, Chairman of GDTEX Mr. Ling Fangcai and General Manager of GSSG, Mr. Luo Wensui.

During their tight schedule, Chairman Ke Huiqi and the Delegation visited GDTEX New York Office. The leaders inquired about the operation and main functions of NY office, and gave their precious advices and suggestions for the future development.

Right after the forum in New York, China(Guangdong)-Mexico economic and trade cooperation conference was hold in Mexico City on May 16th, 2016. The attendance included Communist Party secretary of Guangdong province, Mr. Hu Chunhua, China's ambassador to Mexico, Mr. Qin Xiaoqi, Vice minister of Mexico Economic Department, Vice minister of Mexico investment and trading department, chairman of investment and technology Entrepreneur council, counselor of Economic and Business in Mexico with over 70 Chinese enterprises and 110 foreign enterprises.

China is the most vital apparel exporter to Mexico. GDTEX and Jindalai Mexico are looking forward to the further cooperation with each other in apparel  import and export. After the conference, an agreement has been made between two sides in supply-chain resources and channels developments. Through closer cooperation, both parties expect to expand the market to win more shares, so that to create greater value, and boost the mutual collaboration to a new level.

On the conference, 18 projects, which amount to over 460 million u.s. dollars, have been signed by enterprises or organizations between Guangdong and Mexico.

In the presence of Secretary Hu Chunhua, GDTEX and Jindalai Mexico signed the apparel import and export agreement with ttl volume of more than 20million u.s. dollars.

The sponsors also arranged communication for the delegation from medical equipment, medicines, electronics, import and export, and other industries and areas, which will be helpful for deepening their collaboration. GDTEX had made great success in this conference by positively exploring the business opportunities and proactively communicating.

Cuba is the last stop of this trip. Chairman Ke Huiqi and the Delegation visited customers in Cuba, to understand the situations about the import and export trading of the local enterprises, which has established a solid foundation for the Cuba market development in the foreseeable future.

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